Saturday, March 02, 2013

Sleep Factor!

Friday evening I was just kinda chillin'. This past week was just a bit longer than usual having added to it the trip out to Lenox. While I wish the commute were for a reason rooted in something other than the death of someone, I am grateful to have gotten some time with friends that mean a lot to me and that I don't get to see all that often.

By Friday evening, my body is craving a bit of a rest under normal circumstances, this week it was a bit more as the added driving and emotional aspects of a funeral and the contemplation of mortality. I must say that the eulogy delivered at the funeral mass delivered by the eldest son was really beautiful but also hit on some very meaningful points as one might consider the value of human life.

Sitting in front of my computer, around 8pm, my eyes felt as if they weighed a ton and by 8:30, I simply decided that I needed to be laying down. As I write this, it's Saturday morning at 2:06am having recently awoken and realizing just how tired I was. Turns out, my body was tired enough to take almost the same amount of sleep I would normally get. My goal would be to dally for a few then try to get back to sleep until around 8 or 9 am; I guess we shall see and I also expect that you shall hear...

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