Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Snow that Broke the Blower's Back

Just this season I talked about how my snow thrower has made it into it's 11th winter still working its magic. Well, today, on the heels of the passing of my treadmill, my snow blower showed signs of its age and was no longer able to perform its job after only a little more than half the work was done.

Now I must carefully decide if I invest in a repair or a replacement. On the repair side, just the cost of pickup, deliver and diagnostics will get me to $200 and I would safely assume the parts I know it will need will add $100 to that - so the minimum repair bill I see is $300, again, for an 11 year old machine. To purchase a new, comparable machine will cost between $1,000 and $1,200 but considering the time of year, I may be able to get some better deals on an end of season closeout.

Right now my thought is to wait it out. If we have another major blast, I will need to suck it up and pay a plow but short of that, I have time to explore my options - perhaps looking into the cost of buying those few parts and replacing those myself to see if that will work, and then there is the option of placing this on Craigslist, attempting to get a few bucks for it toward the purchase of a new machine.

Decisions, decision....I hate the sorts of decisions but sometimes, they can't be avoided, so I guess I must just roll with it.

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