Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Post is Not About Mildred Fleener

Had to throw in an Odd Couple reference for the title just because.

Officially had to rule out my first treadmill choice because it won't work in the space I have for it. I've got a few alternates and confirmed with my insurance company that they are going to pick up $400 of the cost (that's pretty sweet).

My mailbox post needs replacement, my friend Andy is going to help so today I went to Home Depot at lunch for supplies. In addition to a new post, I had to buy a bag of concrete mix and a back of rocks; this was very odd to me.

Because not all of you who read this blog are FB friends, this happened yesterday:
Just got to BJ's and there was this disheveled elderly woman working the can redemption machine with a sack that looks like she's been rummaging through trash cans all day for. I guessed it was about 5 or 6 bucks worth so I approached her and asked her if she would sell me her bag of cans for 20 dollars. "In a heartbeat handsome" She replied. I laughed so loud, gave her 20 bucks and she literally scampered away with glee as if she hit the jackpot. The door checker saw the whole thing and was laughing his ass off. I cashed in the cans at the service counter, $6.25 - how do I shop after this?

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