Thursday, March 07, 2013

This Was a Day

I went to bed with the promise of a storm from the weatherfolk so when the alarm sounded at 5 am, my first instinct was to check the severity and wonder if it would be a snow day. I first took a peek to see if I received an emergency notification text - nope! Since it was still dark, I had to go into the garage and raise to door to see what was up and there was but a thin layer of almost nothing so I knew I would have to work, so I hit the dungeon for a workout.

By the time I resurfaced on the upper level, the daylight through the picture window gave me an unpleasant view of my mailbox post, which had fallen and couldn't get up. I grabbed by boots, jacket and a cap to go assess the damages. Not only did the mailbox post fall out from the ground but the mailbox itself, which rests firmly (via screws) to another length of wood perpendicular to the post and anchored (though no longer) via a diagonal piece of wood.

I attempted to re-anchor the post but it was going nowhere - I ran down the driveway (walked gingerly keeping a low center of gravity to avoid slipping on black ice) to retrieve a hammer and shovel from the garage and chuckling on the way back because it felt like a scene from a bad horror film.

I returned to attempt to dig around where the post once stood firm and there is a large concrete block that wasn't budging. I re-nailed the mailbox anchor to the post, where it held but showed it's need for replacement as the wood is old and the nails are not firmly planted; but, it was enough for now. I then walked the mailbox/post assembly back to the garage and found a 5 gallon bucket and a 50 pound back of sand. I propped the mailbox assembly into the bucket and poured the bag of sand in the bucket surrounding the post. As I carried it back to it's area at the head of the driveway, I knew it wasn't a long term solution. In fact, I used the shovel to grab some loose dirt to fill out the bucket and pack it down a bit to make the hold on the post firmer. I then dug a little pit into the dirt area just next to the concrete piece where the post was previously lodged and I had a short term working solution. I need to get a new post and take care of that sooner rather than later.

I then had to hurry about my getting ready for work and eventually made it there (a few minutes late). I realized after I got upstairs that I forgot something in my car so I headed back down and in my hurry, slipped and fell down about half the flight of stairs - it hurt! Fortunately, it didn't feel so bad that I felt I needed medical attention so I just went about my business and moved on. As the day progressed, my lower back definitely reminded me of the fall. In fact, as I type this at 10:45pm, some 14 1/2 hours later, I'm still a bit sore from it.

I had at one point this morning stepped a way from my desk briefly and left my work cell on the desk. I NEVER do this but a colleague was there and agreed to watch it for a minute so I went to take care of something and returned thanking my colleague for keeping an eye on things. Minutes later, I check FB on the phone to see a posting that included a page of notes a student had left behind with a comment that clearly, my colleague (and former friend - lol) had posted. It really wasn't all that awful but could be taken poorly, so I removed it.

I won't even discuss my further disgust at Verizon after a very brief yet insanely unproductive visit to their storefront location. from there, the rest of the day could only get better - and it did; not much, but better for sure.

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