Saturday, March 09, 2013


This was an entry in a discussion board for a Sociology class. A former colleague who is in the class passed it on to me to let me know that she finally understands a bit more how difficult a teacher's job can be (names of writer have been changed to protect privacy, everything else, is exactly as posted including punctuation, or lack thereof):

Hello Classmates and Professor,
My name is Mary Jane I am 40 years and the mother of five out of which two are alive. I also have eight pets two dogs and six cats my cats are descendants of a cat my mother had when my 18 year old son was nine months old and he will be19 years old March 8th. I was born and raised in Arkansas. When I started going to college I was working on masters in Information Technology Systems then I changed to Bachelors Degree Web Design but with my learning disorder I could not master HTML coding so I changed degree again. Now I am working on to my Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing / Fiction. When I have finished getting this degree I am going to work on getting Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing / Poetry. My parents have always told me that I have writing in my blood because my cousin seven generations back on my dad side of the family is Thomas Payne the one who wrote Common Sense that started the American Revolution. I would like to be an author and get my poems and stories published that I have been writing since October 1985.19 days before I turned 13 years old when I first saw my soul mate and father of my children. I have a passion for writing and computers. Although I always had a hard time with my grammar skills and I am hoping to strengthen them in this class. My first English professor back in fall of 2000 told me that I could write a paper that would grab her attention right away and leave her want more but that my spelling and grammar skill could use a lot of work. So that is what I am here to do to get better at spelling and grammar because I have some good friend who tells me I should get my stories and poems published but I feel that I need to get better at spelling and grammar before I can get them good in enough to published. The reason I am going to college online is that I am mentally disable I have Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder) and Arkansas State will not allow me to go to college on campus because if I fell threaten or in danger my protector alter could out and hurt someone her name is Marissa and she has hurt someone before. I have nine different personalities and my therapist told my education did not have to die because I cannot go to college on campus because I could go to college online and use all my computer skills. I have a learning disorder where and very bad at math not good with name do not understand what I read I have to hear it to understand it but my mother got me a computer program that scan my book and read it back to me and even turn my books in to mp3 where I can go back and listen to them later. This is why I here studying at an online college to finally get my degree because I refuse to quit trying to get a degree I am going to have to show why I have student loans I also want my two sons that you do not give up on your education no matter what because my three daughters get their education from Jesus Christ because they died at birth and are in heaven!
Mary Jane

What? Please note this post is not made to poke fun and while there are a million thoughts that run through my mind as I read this again, even more than the first time I read it - I'll leave it at thought provoking and leave it open to conversation based on your comments if you wish to leave them.

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