Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Show

If you asked me last evening where the number one place I wished to be was, my response would have been the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago seeing Volbeat with the coolest and my favorite Volbeat fan.

I ended up taking a short road trip to Woonsocket, Rhode Island with John Esposito of The Road Dawgs to see these guys:

To call The Fab Faux a Beatles cover band wouldn't be inaccurate, but also would not serve them justice. The Fab Faux features stellar, world class musicians who put a level of detail into their recreations of Beatles music that is far beyond what most can understand.

I first heard The Fab Faux on the Howard Stern show a few years back and was blown away at what I heard and at that time, I set a goal to see them. the last few times they were around, they were playing venues that had their ticket prices pretty high and I just couldn't swing it. Thanks to my friend John and a little theater in the small town of Woonsocket, RI, last night I had the chance to see this band and was blown away in person at just how good they are.

The show began with a performance of the entire record "A Hard Day's Night" followed by a short break and then a set of random Beatles greats.

On the car ride, John and I were taking about all sorts of stuff but one of the last things I spoke of before we parked to head for a bite to eat across from the theater was my friends Jenn and Steve and one of the things I mentions was how they once played with this guy Mike Verge.

After we get out of the car, and provide directions to a Chinese restaurant in a town we no nothing of to a passerby, we cross the street and go into Ciro's Tavern hoping for a plate of fish and chips before the show. Turns out, everyone else had the same idea and they were too full to seat us in a time frame where would could both eat and get to the show on time. In that moment, John and I used our new knowledge of a Chinese restaurant nearby and our old experiences of knowing food is usually fast in Chinese restaurants, we left Ciro's to head to Chan's.

Just as we open the door to Ciro's to leave, who is standing right there but Mike Verge himself (along with his son Dylan). It was crazy, I has just spoken of him minutes earlier, hadn't seen him in almost a decade, but there he was. We greeted, spoke briefly, then went about our business.
All in all, a pretty good second choice though there were at least a few times in the night I was wondering what Volbeat was playing, how good they must have been, how much I want to see them live, especially with the coolest Volbeat fan in the world.

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