Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grocery Store Finds

The intent: My friend Michael, a native of England but now residing in the USA, made mention of a childhood favorite of his, Jacob's Cream Crackers. He went on enough about them to make me curious so I nosed around for a few days and here in New England, at a grocery store called Wegman's, found them.
Upon opening the package, I too was sent back to my childhood as they immediately reminded me of a cracker called "Uneeda Biscuits", formerly sold as a Nabisco brand (discontinued a few years ago as I understand). Jacob's Cream Crackers look like I remember Uneeda Biscuits looking and taste like I recall as well. I slathered some butter on a few and my daughter and I ate them while I told her this story.

Also while shopping at Wegman's, I found something on the shelves that seemed to disturb me somewhat:
Does anything about this presentation scream, "Eat Me!"?

The nostalgia pile just blew a hint of Social Tea's and Lorna Doone's into my brain!

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