Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing Up Italian

My cousin Jen shared this with me on FB earlier, I wept by the end of it because it is so beautifully done and reminds me so much of my upbringing. If any of this sounds familiar to you, please share in the comments section - enjoy!

We had a number of the home shopping experiences - the dry goods guy was "Irving Blum", or as my mother called him (and I know for those of you who have no understanding of the context of the time and place may think this is anti-semitic) "The Jew" (she would refer to him as The Jew while he was there, he'd laugh and refer to her as "the Ginny"). Mr Blum would have all sorts of things in his trunk, bring them in for my mom to see and haggle over the price for what she wanted, then pay "on time" as he would record her debt in a small book that he would leave with her and write in pencil.
So much in this rang true - so interesting and so nostalgic!

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