Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Later That Evening

Saturday evening, after my visits to the hurricane damages areas, I visited my friend Rob and his family. he and his wife invited me to dinner at their country club. I wasn’t sure what to expect because Rob mentioned I would need to bring dress slacks, a collared shirt and a jacket. My first reaction was who the heck would want to dress up outside of work? I need a good reason to get dapper but after all that had gone on Friday in MA and what I expected from my earlier Saturday visits, plus getting to hang with Rob and Dianne – something I hadn’t had the chance to do in a  very long time, all that plus my curiosity and I had to go for it.

Dinner was quite excellent, there was a lovely array of appetizers served buffet style, dinner was your choice of steak (T-Bone, Filet Mignon or Ribeye- there was a bizarre fish option, which seemed weird for what was billed a “Steak Dinner”), potatoes came on the plate and on the table, family style, were mushrooms, cream spinach and fried onions – and wine.
After dinner, there was a DJ playing music and a dance floor screaming for attention; this was where a pretty great moment happened. At one point, the DJ wanted everyone to come up for a tribute to “all our friends in Boston.” He played the song “Sweet Caroline” (they play this song at every Boston Red Sox home game for the 7th inning stretch). At first, everyone was scattered around the dance floor and when the line, “hand, touching hands, reaching out…” came up, everyone just reached out and held hands up in the air for the chorus – that was cool enough. There was this old lady in the middle of the dance floor all by herself, so I turned to my friends and said, “I’m going in for the kill” (meaning I was going to dance with her) and so, I did. She got so excited, her face lit up as if to say, look at me with this young whippersnapper, it was very cute and everyone kind of formed a circle around us, watching us and kind of cheering us on. Then, without my knowledge, Rob clued the DJ as to where I live prompting him to address the crowd, “how about a hand for Chris from Boston right in the middle of the dance floor” – everyone then began to applaud, so I turned to the crowd, ran around the circle high fiving everyone – they loved it! It was all just so sweet, sincere and fun and a great way to balance the difficult images I had seen up close earlier that day.

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