Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pugsley's Sister

The name of this post was a desperate attempt to be silly funny with a vintage TV reference alluding to the actual day of the week I am writing this.

Ever notice how significant the quality of the type in a book directly affects the reading experience! I've had to stop reading two books that I got from the library because I get a headache from the type. I guess I need to think about the large type editions more frequently.

Currently planning a drive to NYC to deliver afghans to folks in Breezy and the Rockaways who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I'm thinking there may have to be a meal from either Brennan & Carr or L&B Spumoni Garden as well!

Funny work story - I was in the cafeteria kitchen chatting with Jonah, the dude that works in there and all of a sudden, we both hear this beeping tone. Jonah goes and checks out the fryer, the register, and nothing. I walk out in to the open area and followed the sound and after about 5 minutes, confidently felt it was a vending machine on the wall. I went back to announce it to Jonah then headed back to my desk. It was on the walk back that I reached into my pocket, pulled out my cell phone and realized I was the source of the beeping! Somehow, I jiggle triggered an alarm on the phone...I was laughing so hard, I had to tell Jonah, we laughed! So silly!

'Nuff said I guess....Peace!

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