Friday, April 19, 2013

Slowly I Turn, Step by Step

Watching the clip and laughing is the only thing that helps to ease the crazy tension of all that is going on around us right now. I had read on one of the news wires that they were inspecting cars all the way up at Niagara Falls relating to the incident here.
For the sake of archive and reference, the city of Boston and some surrounding areas are in lock down as there is a search for one of two suspects (the other was killed) responsible for a bombing during the Boston Marathon this past Monday.
The thing that caught my attention about the activity at Niagara Falls is because my daughter is there with her mother and up until I heard the news, I was glad that my daughter was away from all of this. Turns out I spoke with them and they were indeed stopped and questioned and my ex-wife had to provide both her and my phone numbers.
I guess that means there is a possibility I will get a visit or a call from the authorities. So strange!

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