Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sugar Packets and Fatherhood

My daughter is participating in this thing at school where everyone needs to bring something and she agreed to bring sugar packets. In true teen fashion, she presented this information to me at a time where she could only have thought everyone has sugar packets, no biggie. I explained that I didn't have them but I would provide her with some sugar in a container to bring.

Turns out, to a teenager, the idea of bringing a container of sugar is weird! I had no idea but she felt that way and I heard back from a reliable source that indeed it would be weird. So, a bit before 10 pm, in my small suburban town, I set out for sugar packets while dressed for bed. I admit, there was a time in my life where this journey would have not been my favorite thing to do but that truly wasn't the case this time, the idea of ding this for my kid brought me joy and I knew the options were limited for my attempt.

First stop was local convenience store #1. I went in, scoped the coffee counter only to find packets of sugar substitutes and a diner like pouring container of regular sugar. I quickly scanned their shelves for packaged sugar packets and as predicted, came up empty; next...

Stop #2 was the Dunkin Donuts inside the gas station. CLOSED!

For a minute, I felt like Babe Ruth in the bottom of the night, down by 1, one on, two out and two strikes... I scanned the area then turned to face south-westerly and pointed to convenience store #2, then drove over there (a few blocks away).

This store was open, I parked, entered, and as approaching the coffee station had my heart sink because I saw the same pour container as convenience store #1. However, I ventured closer and to my delight, there were packets! I turned to the man behind the counter and said, "you are going to think I am nuts (as I am grabbing sugar packets), my daughter needs these for school, about 12 or so and I am more than happy to pay you for them, I know that you pay for them, I..." He stopped me and said, "it's okay, take them!" Very cool!

I came home and brought them straight up to Vickie who was in her room and the look on her face mad the whole silly journey worth every second of it.

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