Sunday, April 21, 2013

Teaser (no Firecat)

Anybody get the reference in the title?

I have much to talk about from my weekend trip to NY. I toured the damage (and the cleanup effort to date, 7 months or so later) from hurricane sandy and visited with a number of the people who were affected. I later, had a wonderful "moment" at a dinner event during a tribute to the people of Boston. The full details to come....I'm a bit worn down from the drive back and have some other things to catch up on but stay tuned - you will hear all about it here.

One odd thing on my drive back. My GPS has a traffic sensor and rerouted my away from I95 to the Merritt Parkway. I had to stop at one of the rest stops, which are small on the Merritt, for gas and some fortification. They recently rebuilt the rest stop I went to by adding a Subway restaurant and a Dunkin' Donuts in addition to the convenience store but they failed to expand parking. With only about 10-12 parking spots including handicapped and one for low emission vehicles, I had to wait about 30 minutes - to get gas, then park. Inside, the convenience store was backed up as there was only one cashier (my bet for slowest cashier in the country) despite having been built with two registers. It was not fun!

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