Monday, April 01, 2013

The Harder Part of Teaching

Been in touch with a student over the past couple of weeks. Turns out, he's quite sick and get attend class or do his assignments as a result of his illness and he is asking for significant extensions on deadlines.

It may seem like a cut and dry decision, but it's quite complex. I am very sympathetic to his reason for not being able to complete the work and I am willing to have some lenience. However, he's asking to be some 3-5 weeks in arrears on his assignments before even beginning to submit them and this just is not possible; especially since he has two other classes and he is asking the same of those instructors. He'll never be able to make up that much work and I can't leave the entire course in limbo like that - it just isn't done.

I tried several ways to explain this to him and to tell him that he really should focus on his health and his recovery and that school will still be here when he is well. He hates the idea of "wasting" the first half of the semester.

It's emotionally draining because I really feel for him and I fear he might risk his health to complete his work.

This is a hard one!

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