Friday, April 19, 2013


For those of you who may come here every now and again to see what's up with me, and, if you are on top of the news of the day, you know there's some scary stuff going down in my area. Here's what I posted to Faceboook this morning -

UPDATE:There's lots of crazy shit going down in my neck of the woods and I've gotten a number of texts, messages and calls. THANK YOU, all of you for your concern; I am safe-just far enough out of the way (for now) to be out of the line of fire but definitely close enough that its a little scarier than this being just another news story. I have many colleagues, friends, students and others in the area wher all the action is going down....all I ask is for your good thoughts that all ends soon and the innocent stay safe. Please, keep only good and positive thoughts, resist the temptation to think and dwell in the bad, it serves no purpose. Much love!

I am okay. I am human, I do have emotions and feelings about this and am trying to express them by channeling them into doing good work, focusing on helping people and holding on to hope and faith.

Thanks to all of you who have reached out in concern. Hug the people that are close enough to you!

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