Friday, April 05, 2013

When 3 in 5 is Not Good

This morning I will be attending my 3rd funeral in 5 weeks; I do not like this! This one, for a very young man, 29 years old. Andrew was the oldest child of a couple that go to my church, he had special needs and for the last 7-9 years, lived full time in a facility.

When I first started going to this church, Andrew was still living at home and attending church - his parents would bring him in his wheelchair and I recall him being very attentive to the service and particularly responsive to the music.

The last two of these funerals were people that most would consider way, way too young to die and in both cases, survived by their parents.

Funerals always have a sadness about them, but as a rational human, I understand that people die but sometimes it's very hard to accept death, especially in certain circumstances - it really gets you thinking.

My thoughts and prayers are with Jim and Ellen today - I hope yours will be too.

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