Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A No Spoiler Commentary on Tonight's Voice Eliminations

This sort of holds true for these sorts of audience vote competition shows but this is based specifically on this season (and tonight's episode of) The Voice.

Sometimes, the contestant you want to win gets voted off. That doesn't mean in the moment, you may not react to it and maybe even be irrationally upset (happens to me).

Turns out, the voting audience does not always agree with you and may not even vote exclusively on talent.

Please note, anywhere here that I refer to "you", I also mean "me".

I think the truly talented performers can take advantage of what exposure they've been afforded and hopefully run with it. Everything else is all up in the air - everything changes on a dime. The fact is, if you look at The Voice in particular, they've had many talented performers, none have become famous.

It's all just the way it works (or doesn't work) depending on how you view it.

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