Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Belly Shirt

Modified 5/2
I've blurred the face on purpose. I've cropped the picture on purpose. I don't know this person and the purpose of this is not to poke fun in any way. I was taking my walk at lunch time and waiting to cross the street when I noticed him waiting on the other side. My immediate reaction, the very first thing that came to my mind when I saw him was to tell him as we were crossing the street that he should consider a few sizes larger the next time he picks a shirt to wear. I immediately realized that this could be mistaken for a commentary on his weight and it wasn't.

I did not not pass any judgement, I saw him dressed that way and was baffled. I wondered if it was possible he had any idea what that outfit looked like. I didn't want to make any assumptions and certainly, his outfit really has no impact on the lives of those around him, but it does impact others perception of him; we all know this because we all put thought into what we wear before we leave our houses. It begs the questions, did he dress like that intentionally? does he know what he looks like in that outfit and thought it was fine?

If someone you didn't know had a giant booger sticking out of their nose, would you tell them them?
If they had a piece of food or something on their cheek, would you say something?
If a woman's dress was kind of trapped in a way that it was revealing way more than it should and it appeared she had no clue, would you say something?
If any of those were a yes, I can only assume that for the same reasons, it might be the right thing to say something to this guy about the way he is dressed?

This one had me baffled. My gut at first told me to say something but I didn't know what to say, and I didn't - so for all I know, he's still dressed that way and none the wiser. Does it even matter?

Is there a right or wrong here?

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Rob C said...

Hmm.. the Doritos don't help his cause. Fair observation mein friend.