Monday, May 13, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I'm very please with how Survivor turned out and thought it was a great season to watch.

I'm trying to get together my next pay it forward gift to go out. It's definitely time to get one out there, I've only sent one out of five.

I recently learned that something as simple as a hand written thank you note means something special to some people.

I heard today of the passing of "Dr. Joyce Brothers". Unless you are old enough, the name means nothing to you but she was pretty cutting edge. Dr. Brothers was a TV personality who was a psychologist and she appeared ion many different forums. She paved the way for so many that followed but she was more about the science than the stardom.

I'm looking forward to watching all of the episodes of the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, after which I will tell Netflix to go eff themselves again - what dump of a company.

UPS refers to themselves as "Brown" - perhaps they know they are shit!

Okay, enough with the negatives - here's to some good things:

I'm once again nominated for an employee recognition award. I've been nominated quite a few times and even won twice; I am hoping for a third award.

Here's something for you - I'm sure you all know about what happened during the Boston Marathon just about a month ago. One of the people who died was a young woman named Krystle Campbell. Krystle is a graduate of the school I work for and the college has set up a scholarship fund in her name. If this is the type of thing you like to donate to, click here and go for it.

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