Monday, May 27, 2013

Boston Strong

I spent some time today in Boston with my daughter. I should have know it would be a great day by the amazing luck we had parking the car! This won't mean much to those of you unfamiliar with the city of Boston but my plan was to drive down Boylston (from Mass. Ave.) hoping to find a spot on the street and if not, work my way left and into Beacon Hill then back again.

So I am at a red light on Boylston readying to make a left turn onto Dartmouth. Boylston was totally mobbed, especially near this intersection, the Boston Marathon Memorial is just across the street and that was a priority stop for us. While waiting at the red, I see the a couple returning to their car right on the next corner on Boylston, just across the red light and all I can hope is that the lights and mostly the pedestrian traffic somehow all time themselves so that those people pull out just as I can make it across Dartmouth and pull right in behind them. I actually felt a real rush of adrenalin coursing through me, the odds of this all coming together in this city are so astronomical, but I was hopeful!

The light turned green and I almost felt the world go into slow motion. I looked very carefully at the pedestrian traffic, which is manic at best on that street and saw that I was clear and sure enough, the car was just backing up to clear for pulling out and there I went, in right behind and our parking spot for the day was secured. I was so happy and I almost considered buying a lottery ticket but chose not to tempt fate and be grateful.

Being right across the street, we made the memorial our first stop. I must say, it is so very powerful and moving and just a few short moments walking around the perimeter, I began to tear up. I planned to take a few pictures but couldn't for some reason (I didn't bother to concern myself with why). There was a point where we spotted a little pug puppy and it was perfectly timed. the cuteness of the dog helped to offset the emotion and grief invoked by the memorial and made the rest of the viewing easier.

After the visit to the memorial, we took a stroll back up Boylston toward Mass. Ave. (with a brief stop at the Prudential Center). We turned right onto Mass. Ave, then had to make our way down one of my favorite streets I've ever walked on, Newbury street.

Newbury street is such a great people watching street and is filled with all sorts of people, culture, music, art and food. We stopped in a few shops along the way and had long at a Japanese noodle place - I think it was on Hereford (could have been Gloucester) just off Newbury.

We continued down Newbury all the way to Arlington then crossed over into the Boston Public garden and walked along the paths, watched the swan boats, saw real swans and the other wild life, and lots and lots of people enjoying the beautiful day in the park and just before we left, there was a one man band dude that really seemed to be enjoying himself. In fact, my daughter had a brilliant quote, and I hope I do it justice because I am not sure if I recall it verbatim, it was, "It's nice to see someone enjoying themself so much while doing something so odd."

We exited the park onto Boylston then walked back to the car and contemplated whether or not someone else would see us pulling out of the parking spot and have a similar experience (or possibly the heartbreak of missing the chance while someone else snatches the spot from them).

What a wonderful day we had!

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