Sunday, May 05, 2013

Can't Figure It Out

As a teacher, you see lots of things. One that I will never understand is why someone embarks on the journey of higher education, pays good money for tuition, fees and books and then outs absolutely zero effort into it. Why bother?

If you are not ready to be in school, this is the one time you get to make a choice. Through high school, there isn't much of a choice, for most of that time, you have to be there but college is different. If you are not ready to make a serious commitment to college and I mean classes, not partying, then go work at Starbuck's or wherever the fuck and leave the seats in the classes for people who want to be there.

There is nothing wrong with putting off college, in fact, if you know you are not ready and make the choice to put it off yourself, that is way more responsible than deciding to go and then dicking around.

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