Sunday, May 26, 2013

Did You Make the Punch?

Holiday weekends such as this one often find the church pews emptier than usual and often, things get overlooked. After service every week we have fellowship, everyone just hangs out and socializes and there is coffee, juice and treats. Of course,MIT happens every so often that the person who volunteered to get fellowship ready forgets, doesn't show up and there is nothing to drink or much on. In the grand scheme, it's not all that it of a deal, I think the kids are more disappointed than the adults because they don't have cookies, donuts or whatever treat might be there that day.

Today, there was clearly nobody there to get it together and while I am on a self imposed retirement from such duties, seeing all the kids (and adults) that did show up this morning, at some point late in the service I just felt called to try to get something together. 

During one strategic point in the service, the offertory, I made my way to the kitchen to assess what was possible. Turned out there were a number of brownies and mini muffins that had appeared (yes, treats sometimes appear in church) but I realized there was no way to brew coffee in the 20 minutes or so that was left in the service. I went back into church with a plan to leave right after the Eucharist, which buys me about 10 minutes to improvise.

I get back to the kitchen fresh off the communion rail and open every pantry door and the refrigerator. I decide to grab the punch bowl and with very little thought, bring it to the table in the church hall. I then get some ice and place it in the bowl and found a jug of Hawaiian Punch that had a few remaining inches, so I lured that into the bowl and grabbed a 3 liter bottle of ginger ale from the pantry and poured that in as well. Initially, that was going to be it. When I returned to the kitchen to close the pantry doors, I found a bottle of sparkling peach something or other and thought, this is the secret ingredient, and I opened the bottle and poured it in the punch bowl, gave a little stir, then pre-poured a dozen or so cups to go with the brownies and mini muffins I laid out. I felt good about what I had done.

Once the crowds came, the kids made their traditional race to the table, soon after followed but the adults. Over the course of the time we were there, at least a dozen folks came to me inquiring about the punch, telling me how delicious it was and demanding the recipe. I literally said, "about 3-4 inches of Hawaiian Punch from a jug like that (pointing to the empty jug in the distance), a 3 liter little of ginger ale and a bottle of mystery sparkling peach beverage". Most of the time I got odd looks at the last ingredient and then heard, "it's delicious, thanks!"

I find this all very funny.

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