Friday, May 31, 2013

Two Quotes

I tried, or rather consumed, a bottle of this Ginger Lemonade flavored Polar seltzer; it's yummy.

There were two good quotes I heard today:

(1)"Don't let academia fool you into believing there might be an expected level of intelligence among people who are required to make pretty important decisions. Every time I wonder if I should consider a doctorate I have an encounter with someone who has one that totally shatters what it should represent."

I wrote this one, posted it to FB after reflecting on (yet another) ridiculous conversation at work today. I think it's pretty good but only because it is unfortunately true.

A way better quote, one that I think is significant enough to positively affect young people's lives, was one by the teenage daughter of someone who I consider to be one of the best parents I've ever known (I believe her child saying this is part proof):

(2) "In teenager, $100 seems like infinity money but then you buy a couple things and realize how expensive things are."

Isn't that genius?
I cracked down and turned on the A/C in the house today - two straight 90+ degree somewhat oppressive days with lots of pollen floating about, it's time!

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