Saturday, May 18, 2013

On the Horizon

It's just after 8:30am as I start typing this and I've got the workout taken care of. I've been deep to Cat Stevens the last week or so, Tea for the Tillerman in in the CD player and later this afternoon, I will be seeing the great band Vertical Horizon in Boston.

My friends Jenn and Steve will be playing bass and guitar respectively for Vertical and it's a homecoming for band leader Matt Scannel. I had the honor of seeing this band (and hanging out with them) last summer and am looking forward to seeing them again and spending time later with Jenn and Steve (and I'm betting quite a few of their old Beantown friends).

I don't want to spoil this day or this post harking on what's been bugging me lately so I will put that off for just a little more. Today is about good times and good people.

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