Monday, May 06, 2013

Pizza, from a Vending Machine!

Just because I am silly, this afternoon I googled "Pizza Vending Machine". I expected to be shut down but to my amazement, I found this:
There are so many things about this video that I can comment on:
First (and foremost), are you freaking kidding me? Pizza, from a vending machine! I almost want to lease one and get it into a great location. You know even if the pizza sucks, everyone is going to want to try this machine at least one time.
How about the bad overdub on the audio? Fun, right?
Here's a tip from one of the comments, turn on the captions - LOL! So funny!
Where did they get the woman in this video? What is she really trying to sell?

What the hell was that pronunciation of Oregano? Funny!
Pizza folks, from a vending machine.

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