Friday, May 10, 2013

Sox Tix/Police

Yesterday was a strange day, there was so much going on with meetings and other stuff. Early in the day, I got to do one of my favorite things I do at work. Once per semester for the past few years, volunteers from faculty and staff don and apron (and the brave such as I, a chef's hat), and serve breakfast to the students. The event is referred to as "Good Luck on Finals Breakfast" and I love to play it up, work the crowd a little and have fun. This year, there was a point where I had the president of the college serving on my left and the CFO to my right and I'm between them in my chef's hat and apron riling up the crowd with chants and dancing to the music (there is a DJ) - it's really fun!

I'm going to leave out the part of the day that wasn't so fun - you don't need to hear it and I've kind of left it behind so no sense in documenting it, it wouldn't serve any purpose.

Later in the day, someone gave me a pair of tickets to the Boston Red Sox game. I am not a Sox fan at all but I like baseball enough that I would normally catch a game every now and again if the opportunity strikes. Turns out though, I was unable to go to the game so I called a few friends who I thought might like having them - all had other plans as well. Then, I got this neat idea to treat a first responder from my town to the tix. I first stopped at the fire house and while they were appreciative, everyone in the house was on active duty until 8 am the following morning. The police station is right next door so in I went and sure enough, they took the tix and seemd very happy and I felt pretty good about getting those tix into their hands.

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