Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Dunce(s), Happened So Fast

I should probably get in the habit of talking about my good students every so often but the boneheads are more interesting. here's an email I received tonight:

My name is **clearly uncommitted** and I am in your CIS summer 1 class. I just got back from vacation unfortunately and just ordered my text book.

Is there a deadline for the concept quizes? I ordered my textbook express mail so I should be receiving it at the latest on next Wednesday.
I apologize and know it I should have had the textbook by Monday and will complete the first week assignments as soon as I get the textbook. I would just like to know the deadline for the assignments in your course.
Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to taking this course!
**clearly uncommitted**
Let me put this into perspective, this is a 6-week accelerated course that began this past Monday. Why the heck would you sign up for a summer course that begins on the 20th and plan a vacation in which you don't get back until the 24th, missing almost 5 days. Then, to not have a text, not even order it until you get back and not expect the book until next Wednesday. Were this a full 15 week course, this would be the equivalent of not showing up until early in week 3 but not having the text book until the middle or so of week 5. I can't think of any adjective to adequately describe this other than stupid.
Here's another gem:
Hi Professor Daniele,
Are the quizzes due by the end of the week (May 26 for week 1)? I will not have access to a computer to complete "Office Primer" quiz until 9am Tuesday.
Thank you
**Also Uncommitted**
Signs up for an online course (which requires a computer), the course happens to be a computer course (requires a computer), on the 5th day of the accelerated class decides to have the balls to ask when the assignments are due (despite the due date being on the syllabus) and even worse, not having access to a computer until the middle of week 2 (out of 6); again, stupid.
To help balance this, I do have one whippersnapper whose completed a third of the assignments already!

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