Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I believe I mentioned here a few weeks ago that I had been nominated for an Employee Recognition award. I did not win this time. I did receive and stupid crystal vase in recognition of 15 years of service though.

Big shout out and congratulations to my friend Mark Larson who was elected to School Committee in our town.

I was able to fully close the books on my spring courses and Monday, opened the books on the summer one. This is a 6 week accelerated course; lots of work over a short time period but then I take a teaching holiday until September.

Got shot down for this year's Blackboard World conference. I've been trying to find alternate funding but it's not looking good; Budget shmudget!

There's a weird issue with my new treadmill when using programmed workouts or the one-touch incline/decline buttons - let's say you are at a 6% incline and the program brings you down to 3%, the treadmill goes up instead of down - OOPS! I spoke with them today and they are sending two parts to replace. Hmmmm!

Mad Men this season has taken a step backward (in my opinion). There have been some good moments but overall, the story lines are dragging, weakish and not all that interesting. I want to believe its all a glorious buildup but I'm not thrilled with how it's being executed thus far. Also, I hate that they bypassed 1967!

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