Wednesday, May 08, 2013

While at the Doctor's Office

I went to the doctor for a routine physical yesterday and because I obsess about doctor appointments, I thought I would be very thorough about the part of the process where the form they make you bring asks to list all medications and on prescription so and so you currently take.

I made a list of the supplements I take, then photocopied the back of the package for the protein powder I use in my morning smoothies and provided the ingredient list of both my morning smoothie and the green smoothies I drink. My doctor was amazed that I brought all of this and was impressed at the smoothies; he asked if I wanted the papers him back. I told him no, that I brought them just so he knows about them - he actually excused himself before returning and finishing the examination.

When I was done, as I passed the nurse's station to leave the office suite, they all thanked me for the smoothie recipes. Dr. Chau had shared the recipes and they all photocopied them.

That just makes me smile!!!

My blood pressure was a fantastic110/74, my weight was up a little but overall, everything looked good. I got my blood work back today - lipid panel is fantastic and all but glucose was great. Sadly, the glucose was 105 - this really bothered me all day! I did have that one last reading finally under 100 and here I am with a 105. POO!!!

In the grand scheme though, I am in overall good health, I just need to keep fighting the good fight one day at a time.

BTW, my left shoulder is still feeling a little after effect from the tetanus shot!

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