Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 Minutes

There may or may not be a point to the words that end up on this post but what it is, is a free write exercise. I began typing at 11:05pm and will continue until 11:15 and whatever gets typed, remains.

I spent my day doing what needed to be done but throughout, at the top of my mind were the thoughts I had of you. There was a question the other day about the tel colored silicone bracelet I wear which led to an extended conversation about the whole bracelet thing and the whole cancer thing.

I was a little miffed at the person I conversed with who after hearing that I was wearing a bracelet to raise awareness for Thyroid Cancer responded with a smarmy tone saying,"oh, the good one". "The good one?" I repeated, baffled. "Yeah, they say if you are going to have cancer, that is the cancer you want".

I was beside myself at this idiot and had to restrain myself from punching the idiot in the nose and even engaging in any way. Before walking away, I left these words, "Until someone you love has had to bear the burden of this cancer (or any other for that matter), and as close minded and clueless as you appear, believe me, I hope that never happens, don't make a generalization on something you know nothing about. I wear this because someone I love knows first hand what it means to have it, battle it, and survive it. Think carefully about what you said, and maybe open a book or do a google search - just get out of my face because I can't stand to look at at you right now."


The day this incident actually occured was last Friday. I wasn't sure if I was going to ever post about it but clearly it had taken a spot in my brain and through this exercise, apparently needed to come out so that I can release the frustration brought on by it.

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