Thursday, June 20, 2013

Drive Time

As I was driving in the thick of traffic, I developed this theory that everyone else on the road really did not want to get where they were going. I feel that if everyone wanted to get where they were going, and simply accelerated to the speed limit, everyone would be moving along and get there. But, Noooooooooooooo! Not everyone does that, there's texting behind the wheel, rubbernecking, and every other stupid thing but actually driving, the one thing you are supposed to do while driving a car.

I could go on my loner rant about how we allow too many cars on roads that weren't every but for that many but before we can take cars off the road (it can be done), we need to upgrade infrastructure to support significant public transport, then incentivize people to take public transport over personal.

I guess rumors of the death of James Gandolfini are not so much rumors as truth. As the story went viral, I chose to ignore it as there had been so many hoaxes of late. Rest in Peace!

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