Wednesday, June 05, 2013

eM cEE oH

I attended the MCO (Mass Colleges Online) conference today hosted at Bridgewater State University. I love when I leave a conference fulfilled, with new information that I know is useful, and connecting with colleagues - it makes me feel...I don't know, more like a professional.

the ride to Bridgewater wasn't too bad but decided to experiment with the ride home, and avoid rush hour traffic on some major arteries, and took all streets home (about 35-40 miles). Aside form seeing the deeper side of some towns I've not gone through and having some nice scenery in general, it only took about 15-20 minutes longer than the ride in using highways (but zero traffic); I felt it was worth it.

I am still really bummed that the college is not sending me to the Blackboard World conference this year, it's a real shame to miss that one. I may have run out of chances to find funding too - I may make one last ditch effort and reach out to Blackboard and hope they might help out a good customer - we shall see.

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