Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Getting a Pizza

Things have gotten a bit out of hand over the wheelchair incident I spoke of a few days ago. Several college officials have thanked me for my "heroic efforts" and then of course I was slammed with paperwork having to fill out a 5 page worker's compensation form (despite no severe injury or treatment) and a campus police report. I have repeatedly stated that I didn't feel like anything I did was heroic, in the moment, I reacted to a situation and fortunately, we were able to stop the wheelchair before it could go over the stairs, do any more damage or worse, cause any serious physical harm to anyone. All I saw before reacting was an out of control wheelchair and a staircase going down all too close and everything else was doing what needed to be done to ensure that woman in that chair didn't go down the stairs.

I did complain enough about the paperwork that I was promised a pizza from anywhere I want with any fixin's I want, so I will be taking advantage of that. beyond that, it's just a somewhat exciting story to what would have been an ordinarily dull day.
I had the opportunity to participate in a brainstorming session on developing a MOOC to serve as an introduction to eLearning - that turned out to be a great meeting filled with lots of intelligent banter.
Tomorrow I will be contacting the vendor whose conference I am currently not able to go to because the college was unable to fund it this year. I have been to this conference many times and always bring back valuable information and contacts worth far more than the cost of the conference. I've exhausted a number of funding sources but one last try tomorrow, the vendor them self - wish me luck!

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