Saturday, June 29, 2013

Inspiration at the Farmer's Market

Organic, locally grown, community supported agriculture, local arts and music...these are some of the buzzwords that vibe at the local farmer's market. I took myself down this morning to take a stroll, see what the local farms and vendors were pushing, and just to be outdoors.

I made a couple of rounds, stopped to listen to a local musician singing her songs and as I was about to make my way off the grounds to go across the street to the library, something hit me; i stopped, pulled out my cell phone and just started poking out words that were coming to me. I walked over to the tent where there was shade and a seat, shuffled around some of the words and added a few and before I knew it, I had written a poem.

At the Farmer’s Market

Kissed by a gentle breeze
on a weather confused day
strolling through the farmer's market
skies are cloudy and they're gray

Troubadour is singing songs
of love and hope and life
the quiet contemplation sometimes
cuts me like a knife

Momentary lapse of sunshine
peeks on through the sky
I thought I almost found myself
until I started asking why

I guess I'll keep on wandering
in search of something more
I wish I had a clue
what I am searching for

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