Saturday, June 08, 2013

Life is Hard Sometimes

Sometimes life is so fucking confusing. Things just don't always make sense and I don't expect every damn thing to be clear cut but shit, it just seems that too often bad things happen to good people far more often than bad people getting their due.

I'm not going to bring this post into the depths of darkness, fear not.


Have any of you watched "Maron" yet? The show is really great, very well written and very funny - I have been a fan of Marc Maron for a very long time and it's been a long time coming for him to get the notoriety he is finally getting; deservedly so!

As a brief update to my post from earlier today, I've given Verizon an ultimatum, they came back with a counter offer and while it's an attempt, it really is a big fuck you to me from them - solidifying that as a current customer, I mean nothing to them and they would actually rather give up my business to their competitor rather than give me what I asked for. By the way, I did not ask for anything unreasonable, just the exact same deal I would get were I signing up for the first time. I'll be talking to the competitor to firm up a deal this week and unless the Verizon supervisor calls me and changes his stance, I will tell them to go fuck off for a while.

I feel like there's to much anger and negativity in this post. Sorry!

How about a few more Vine's? Here's the last few I've made:

This one is called, "walking down the corridor":

And this one is called, "Oliver meets Vine" and features my cat Oliver; his neck doesn't really move that radically, I created the effect that makes him look freaky!

That's all for now. In the words of Ringo Starr, "Peace and Love!"

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