Sunday, June 30, 2013


I was at the supermarket yesterday and as I passed the deli counter, as I do maybe once every couple of years, I though about a cold cut called Liverwurst.

Liverwurst is not all that popular and is definitely not for the faint of hard. The word liverwurst translates into "liver sausage". The picture here is Boars Head brand "Lite Braunschwiger Liverwurst" made primarily from pork, pork liver and bacon. Are you salivating right now or throwing up in the back of your throat? That's how it is with liverwurst, there is no in between, you either are going in full steam ahead or running as fast as you can.

I remember liverwurst from when I was a kid. My mom never really bought it, though it's cousin Bologna was a staple for most of my youth. I recall a couple of kids in school eating liverwurst sandwiches and it making me curious enough to ask my mother if she could buy some for me. A few folks in the neighborhood were more familiar with it as well - I can't pinpoint my first time trying it but I do know that calf liver was something I ate pretty regularly as a kid, so the idea of liver being in my lunch meat didn't phase me at all.

I know that I liked it when I first tried it but didn't have it often, though my mom would get it for me each time I remembered to ask for it. Later on in my 20's, I went through a brief liverwurst phase after working with an older guy who would have a liverwurst and tomato sandwich at lunch and I recall how appetizing that looked; it soon became one of my every so often lunch sandwiches.

At this point in my life, it's become a nostalgic thing. Organ meat is delicious (to me) but really unhealthy, especially with a risk factor profile such as mine; so I stay away from it for the most part with only an occasional indulgence.

I stopped at that deli counter and was greeted by two older women. I asked for a quarter pound of Boar's Head Lite Liverwurst, and then one went to grab it and placed it on the slicer. After the first slice, she help it up asking me if the thickness was okay, I reached over and said, "let me sample it and I shall let you know. (trick to get a free slice). In chatting with the lady slicing, I explained that I order this stuff about once every two years just to remember a piece of my youth. The lady stopped slicing and really appreciated that whole idea; we talked very briefly about "how things were" and how they've changed. I was handed my neatly packaged processed meat and the lady wished me well and said, "enjoy your memories".

I had one sandwich yesterday, then another today and that was that.

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