Monday, June 24, 2013

Nick Wallenda: Superstar or Idiot?

This was one topic of discussion today at work. What are your thoughts? If I have to pick one of those two, I am going with the latter but it's not so cut and dry. I give him credit for being one courageous son of a bitch - either that or the piece of one's brain that dictates fear of falling to one's death is missing (can't rule out the possibility that both are the case).

Thing is, what's the point of doing a stunt such as the ones he is famous for? Is there any actual reason to watch other than the possibility he may in fact fall to his death? I am not in any way saying that's is what me or anyone hopes happens but the mere fact that it very well could is indeed the only compelling reason I can see to watch yet it would not be something I wish to see and I am pretty certain, they wouldn't show...back to my original question then, is there any reason to watch?

More important, does such a stunt and such public validation send a message to our children and if so, is is a positive or a negative one? What kind of message does he send his own family everytime he does another stunt?

Lots of curiousity here. Lots of interesting points of view.

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