Monday, June 17, 2013

The Free Pizza Funny

Last Wednesday I talked about how I was getting a free pizza for my "heroic" efforts, I cashed in on that today getting a large "Bertucci's Ultimate", of which I consumed 2 slices along with a side salad and a pizza roll (just a bread roll made from pizza dough, they are especially delicious when warm and dipped in extra virgin olive oil).

I then shared the rest of my pizza with co-workers, because I am nice that way. Down to the last lice, one that had ham on it and I run into someone who I thought it might bear mentioning that it had this final slice had ham on it, in case their being of the Jewish persuasion factored into following all of the tenets of that faith (or at least the pork one). Turns out the ham didn't matter but there were a couple of entertaining quotes that followed:

Them: "Ham, kind of like prosciutto only less fancy."
Me: "Yeah, just like worn t-shirt and cut-off jeans - kind of like a tuxedo only less fancy."

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