Saturday, June 08, 2013

Verizon Ultimatum

Unfortunately, I had to do it. Three months in a row my bill is wrong and I've spent ridiculous amounts of time on the phone to get the appropriate credits. They just do not care about you if you are an existing customer, all preferential treatment is for new customers. Verizon isn't unique in this, all the cable/satellite companies operate as such but since they have competitors in my town, it's time to treat me nice.

I had to ask for the equivalent of a new customer bundle, and if they say no, I cut the cord immediately and call the competitor - who will at least for the initial discussion, will treat me like a new customer and give me the deal I need to keep me happy for a the immediate term. when the time comes, I'll give them the same's not like they are losing money, they are making insane profits so it's time to play hardball.

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