Monday, June 10, 2013

Wheelchair Goes Nuts

Just last week I posted a video of a student's inspiring and touching commencement speech. Today, she came onto campus and lost control of her wheelchair and in a very brief moment, knocked a water bubbler (fountain) off the wall, ran me down, and got her leg caught.

Fortunately, her leg was fine, I ended up with only a bruise and some soreness, and she is safe (the water bubbler doesn't matter).

Turns out a part on the handle where her joystick sits was replaced and it shifted to the right, as a result of that shift and Mary's poor motor skills, she temporarily lost control of her chair. What makes this very dangerous is she was pretty close to stairs - so many bad things could happen - she could just as well be near traffic, small kids, whatever and someone can get very hurt or worse.

Me and the employee from the office of disability services got her to call the company that services her chair and report this, and ask them to fix it right away. Mary was concerned with the damage to the water bubbler and wanted to be sure my leg was okay - I told her I was fine, and I think we were able to convince her how serious this could be and that her first priority should be to get the chair fixed.

Somehing to liven up a summer day I guess!

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