Monday, July 29, 2013

1D Seem to Get It

Having a teenager, and being in tune to pop-culture, I try to pay attention to things in the mainstream. It seems that Miley Cyrus is on the brink of being out of control, Amanda Bynes and lost herself, and Justin Bieber is in a potentially dangerous place. Of these three particular young artists, the fame that they've achieved at such a young age seems to have affected them negatively; perhaps it was the fame alone or the fame along with other factors. Regardless, they are all in place where they seem to have lost touch with who they are.

I'm happy to say that it seems there are some who seem to have a decent head on their shoulder and are getting by okay. Of the ones that come to mind: Miranda Cosgrove, Selena Gomez and One Direction.

I came across this One Direction (1D) video the other day and found it not only entertaining, but it seems to indicate that they get it and don't take themselves all too seriously. It seems to me they know they are very fortunate, are grateful to the fan base that get them to where they are and are just being themselves and enjoying the ride. I hope that these kids, all of them, not just 1D can stay on the right track and set a good example for other young artist and their fan base.

As the parent of a teen and friends of other parents with teens, it's encouraging to know that some of these kids can still send a positive message.

Here's the 1D video I was referring to, give it a watch - you'll laugh!

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