Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Left work today knowing I won't be back there until the 15th. Not that I won't be working next week, I'll just be doing do from Las Vegas.

High School
I graduated high school in 1982, but am still in touch with a number of folks from those years. Yesterday, a friend from back then posted that she was going to see 1D with her daughter, I asked if she would send some pictures and maybe a review for someone special to me who would appreciate them - sure enough, a batch of photos come through.

Sadly, my cousin Julian (who I also went to high school with), lost his wife a few months ago and the overwhelming grief has been so difficult for him; he has been so lost. Another of our high school friends, Annmarie, lost her husband a couple of years ago and I knew she went through a tough time for a while, found her way out and recently, even found love again. I feel like her input would help so I reached out and she touched base with Julian - I hope it helps him but regardless, nice to know these friendships have stuck for so many years.

I haven't watched any baseball this season and am a little sad that I haven't missed it; only confirms my feelings about the sport.

Crows are demonic, who's with me on that?

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