Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cat Nap(s)

Sometime after I got home from the funeral today, after changing, I sat in my office at the computer for a bit, listening to some podcasts, trolling FB for a bit. I was pretty out of it and ended up dozing off in my chair. At some point, my cat jumped on the desk then gently began to step onto my lap. I was aware of what was happening, as I was sleeping lightly, but I just ignored it knowing he'd settle in in a few seconds. Of course, the speakers on the computer were up and I had left Facebook on the screen and when someone posts a comment, it makes a loud tone. The tone sounded just as Oliver was in mid step onto me and it startled him, he then stomped on my belly and used it to spring off and jump away from the evil sound that startled him - waking me (that little brat!).

Not too long after, I was downstairs on the couch and decided to nap because I was bored out of my skull. I don't know exactly how long I was out for but it wasn't too long. I know that I would probably had slept way longer had the cat not randomly jumped from the top of the couch, where he was looking out the window, this time landing on my nether regions at which point I yelled very loud, cursing him to run upstairs and me to laugh even though I was hurting.

Pet ownership is sometimes less than it's cracked up to be :)

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