Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Funny Thing About Grief

I did have a bit of a distraction from the grief and shock of my friend Wayne's passing in that today is my daughter's birthday and this morning, before leaving for work, I was able to celebrate briefly with her and watch her react to the gifts I got for her.

The two pairs of Converse All-Stars are custom. You can go to their web site and design your own and I was able to trick my kid into designing these without her having any clue that I planned all along to order them for her; they came out rad! In front of the converse, the little blue plastic odd shaped thing is an ocarina. The package of Twix is pretty obvious, they are her favorite candy bar. Of course there is a card and the backpack in the background was one she saw online a month or two ago while I was showing her a messenger bag I liked and got for myself; she fell in love with this one and I immediately did two things: planned to order it, then I completely distracted her from that possibility by expressing how I thought it seemed a bit odd and looked like it had an ass crack (it did look that way in the picture we saw). She loved everything and it was nice to see her smile and have a joyous time.
I am still in a bit of shock over the passing of my friend. So many have posted photos and every time I see one, I think the same thing - I just can't believe he is dead. It's freaky! There is still quite a bit of talk onm campus as well and the funeral services aren't until teh weekend so it will linger for a few more days.
Thanks to everyone who reached out with offerings of sympathy and condolences - I will be sure his wife knows of them.

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