Monday, July 08, 2013

Hello From Las Vegas

My internal clock is all f'ed up already as I woke up at 4:25 east coast time, got my ass right on the treadmill for a quick 20 minute incline workout and then getting the last minute stuff out of the way before heading to the airport before rush hour traffic on the Masspike.

My flight out of Logan was delayed a little over an hour but made it here to Vegas by Noonish, west coast time. I did run into three colleagues from Framingham State at Logan and got to hang with them for a while, super cool people and it helped to pass the time. I was telling them the story I posted yesterday about the little girl who I taught how to balance the spoon on her nose and one of them had such a brilliant thought, a silent movie of the events as I described them; I know, genius, right? I almost want to stage such a thing.

Anyway, after the plane landed, I met up with the Framingham state folks again at the luggage carousel but we parted as they took a cab and I had my heart set on taking a shuttle bus, they are often entertaining and this particular ride was no exception. There were like 5 people on the bus that were on the wrong bus (they had a ticket for a different shuttle company), so they had to get off and the driver had to pull out a bunch of luggage to get to theirs (I wonder if he'll thing twice about not checking tix before packing luggage now). We all laughed about it. then, as we were ready to pull out of the airport, another driver from his company was trying to back into a spot in front of us and apparently had forgotten one of the major requirements for being a driver, knowing how to drive! After four failed attempts, our driver got out and assisted and again, we all just laughed it off. when we finally got on our way, the driver did not disappoint by cracking jokes and telling silly stories (along with offering tips) along the way (I guess earning his tips).

After checking in and unpacking, I headed down to the conference center to get the registration packet and badge/lanyard and all that jazz while it was quiet. I then stopped at a favorite gelato place for a scoop and even though they had raised the already expensive price to a whopping $6.74 for a single scoop, it still tasted oh, so good!

I'm just chilling out right now - my friends Dan, Joanne and Tommy are picking me up around 6 and we are going to see some live music and eat at Fremont Street; I may even do the zip line.

That's it for now...later!

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