Friday, July 12, 2013

Loneliness in a Crowd

Thousands of people around you from all around the world in a city that never sleeps, yet it is still possible to feel so alone that everything inside of you wants to scream.

Loneliness isn't just being in solitude, it's about not being with the one person that makes the world matter most to you. It's about not being with the people that make you feel like your existence has purpose.

Have you ever walked through crowds of people, so thick that there's body contact, yet you feel nothing, just emptiness, as if you are in an alternate world.

In the center of nowhere, surrounded by no one and everyone, numb to the world - only escape is to look inside my heart and in my soul, the spaces that are reserved for you. In that moment, there is a peace....until I open my eyes...

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