Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moxy, Roxy and a Sandwich

Tonight was the release party for my friend, author Erin Dionne's fourth book, "Moxie and the Art of Rule Breaking". One of the cool things I was asked to help out with is taking pictures; this however was no ordinary photography assignment, this was a rather interesting one.

Turns out, there is a new version of the Polaroid instant camera on the market now and Erin bought one so that tonight's guests could stand behind an empty picture frame and pose as art ; then, take the picture and they have a fun keepsake.

It was a fun couple of hours!

Roxy, my cousin's dog, is a real trip. here's the video for her trick dog title. I don't really know what that means, but the video does show off this dog's uncanny abilities (and my cousin's abilities as a trainer).

Finally, here is my most recent Vine; the sandwich I ate for lunch, being eaten:

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Erin said...

Thanks for the help! Wish I were as entertaining as Roxy!