Saturday, July 06, 2013

State of Sports and A Ray of Hope

I've spoken here a number of times about how disgusted I've become with professional sports. I was pretty much down to baseball and football and have had some issues with both of those. In fact, we're about halfway into the current Major League Baseball season and I've yet to watch a single inning and I haven't really missed it. I do occasionally look at the scores and the standings but less about caring so much than just kind of clinging on. I'm not ready to say I've completely given up on baseball; I know I am close, but I'll leave it be for the moment.

This past week, while flipping through channels, I happened upon tennis, it was a Wimbledon match featuring Serena Williams in which she absolutely crushed some competitor, but it was magical. The following day, the almost unbeatable #1 seed Serena Williams was bested by #23 seed Sabine Lisicki. I found myself captivated  and watched some highlights, then today, the women's finals featuring Lisicki and #15 seed, Marion Bartoli. The match was a wave of emotions and saw Lisicki bested by Bartoli.

What I've seen in Tennis is what I've been missing from other pro sports. For me, there are two very necessary requirements in pro sports, athleticism and sportsmanship. Tennis is really the only one I've seen both in, consistently, in many years.

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