Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Breast of Intentions

"I'm going to Australia for 5 months" read the status update of my friend Christa. "Sounds like it could be awesome" I commented, with hesitance in my voice and then DM'ed one of my oldest friends, Mike - her husband to ask if he too was going to Australia,

Other comments:
"What?! That is a long time ! Def going to be amazing have fun, miss you xo"
"Stop in SF on your way."
"Wow that's fantastic !! Enjoy !"

Shortly after Christa's post, her sister-in-law posted this to her FB page:
"I am going to California for 31 days."

That's when I figure out this is some kind of ruse. I commented, "Okay, now I know you and you sister in law are messing around with some meme or"

A simple Google search revealed this to be yet another bizarre meme to create awareness for breast cancer. It baffles me, because in the end, it does no such thing. I say breast cancer is pretty important and the best way to create awareness is to just talk about it directly - the memes just confuse people and really make no sense.

Just my opinion. That said, I can see getting into the spirit and others playing along.

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Anonymous said...

You are wrong. This has cause a huge conversation. I'm a guy and I have ended up here while doing a search for this information. True, it's a crazy way to get people to think about it, but it is working.