Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Education Bug and Other Miscellaney

Every now and again, I get the feeling like I should get some more education. This past May marked 20 years since I earned my Master's degree and every couple of years I think about wither going for a second Master's or a Doctorate degree.

I accomplished a goal of completing one of my pay-it-forward gifts, this was a project that took some time to complete but it's ready to go to the post office for mailing.

Started listening to this CD today:
My friend Steve gave it high praise and I recently borrowed a copy from the library; it's quite good!

Today was one of those days that really seemed to have zipped by. I got up late, much later than usual - a very rare thing but I deserve it. I dallied about with some TV for the first hour or so before finally getting downstairs to get a workout in. I did get to BJs for some food shopping and as I mentioned here earlier, I did get a project done...I still feel that this day flew by.

My theory tweet from earlier today:
Theory:Ask 100 people over 40 to do a Bill Cosby impression, at least 96 mention Jello pudding during the impression.

Good Night!

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